13th August 2016 – Beaulieu Rally

  • Start position – The Elephant Boatyard
  • Start time – 11:55
  • Start engine hrs – 608.9
  • Towards – Beaulieu – Gins
  • ETA –
  • Finish position – Beaulieu – Gins
  • Finish time – 16:15
  • Finish engine hrs –
  • Distance travelled – 17nm
  • Skipper – Richard
  • Crew – Louise, Olly, Karina
  • Weather – WSW 3-4, partly sunny
  • Tide – LW Portsmouth 13:40 (2.0m)
    • Np->sp 12%
  • New faults –

We get to the boatyard a little later than planned, so head straight out. There’s a good breeze, but we’ve missed the last of the ebb tide, so we’re tacking into both wind and tide. Additionally, every time we try to get over to the Island shore there’s another racing fleet finishing their Cowes Week (Red wings, XODs, cruisers…). It’s a lovely day for a sail, but progress is slow. Luckily we don’t have far to go. Eventually we bear away and are at the mouth of the Beaulieu River in no time. Then it’s a slightly slow slog up to the mooring, where most of the fleet raft up on the Gins pontoon, while the rest pick up swinging moorings.

We have a convivial evening at Gins, with good food and company, along with a little entertainment watching the late arrivals and a lovely old yawl that seems to be parading up and down the river just to add to the spectacle. Various members of the Brest fleet are there to regale us with their French adventures, including Marion, on the last stage of her passage home to Southampton. Returning to the boat we discover that our raft now has 5 boats in it, with only a single stern shore line. A little starlit adjustment sorts things out for bedtime.

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