13th November 2016 -Autumn sun

  • Start position – The Elephant Boatyard
  • Start time – 10:55
  • Start engine hrs – 626.8
  • Towards – The Elephant Boatyard
  • ETA –  16:30
  • Finish position – The Elephant Boatyard
  • Finish time – 17:10
  • Finish engine hrs – 628.5
  • Distance travelled –
  • Skipper – Richard
  • Crew – Louise
  • Weather – NW 3-4 Sun
  • Tide – HW Portsmouth 09:50
    • np->sp 57%
  • New faults
    • Engine stop pull is stiff
    • Possible condensation in i70
    • Data logging software not working yet


We thought yesterday’s rain was going to right off this weekend, but this morning brought sunshine and an encouraging forecast, so we’re heading out mid morning, after a stop to pick up soup, pasties and buns. The Solent initially looks busy, with a Winter Series race making the most of the conditions, but soon empties as we head West. We’ve got a Soldier’s wind, an ebb tide and flat water. So barely an hour after passing Calshot we’re off Lymington and it’s time to turn back. Now we’re against the tide, but tucked in close to the mainland coast we still make good progress.

The downside of the conditions is not much activity to keep us warm and the mainsail has a tendency to be between us and the sun. We opt for a bit of tacking practice back up past Calshot, against the last of the ebb tide. The other boats nearby are soon shamed into starting their engines, as we work our way past them.

It’s just about Sunset as we get back to the Elephant, but also low tide. There’s no way in to our mooring, Luckily there’s an empty mid-river pontoon just ahead. By the time we’ve packed up, had tea and flapjack and admired the “Super moon”, we can slip astern into our slot. A remarkably idyllic day’s sailing, when none was expected.

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